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What Is Digital Presence for Business?

A "digital presence" simply refers to how your business appears online; it's what people find when they search for your business or company on the internet. Digital presence includes content that you control, like your website and social media profiles, but also content that you don't control, such as online reviews.

Think about everything you do on the internet on behalf of your business. This includes:

  • Your website; desktop and mobile versions
  • All social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Office or store locations (Google Maps, etc.)
  • Directory listings
  • Online reviews (Google, Yelp, etc.)
  • Digital ads (social ads, Google ads, Bing ads, etc)

Why is a Website so important for your business?


Your small business can't be everywhere, all of the time, can it? With a website, it can. Your business can be seen by thousands of potential customers in the search engines and on social media where people can learn what your business is about.


Having a website and using it effectively can make you an authority in your industry. From publishing informative content, to posting demonstration videos, your website can show customers why they should be shopping with you.

First Impression

The first impression the customer gets of you and your business is always the most important. Attractive website will get your business noticed and will plant a good first impression in the minds of potential customers.


A website means that they see your business and your products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. This will also give a boost to your marketing efforts, which for many SME's just starting out, are lackluster at best.

Take control of your Digital Presence today!

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Login via Facebook

Creating your website is so easy, you just need to Click the "Create Website" button and login using your Facebook Profile.


Select Facebook Page

Select from a list of Facebook Pages that you have. Make sure the Facebook Page you have chosen is Published.


Select website theme

Select the prefered design for your website from our list of themes.


Publish your website

Choose a subdomain that reflect your business, then click 'Publish Site Now' and your website is ready.

Why Choose Us?

We bring you solutions that set us apart

Auto Update

The biggest challenge of maintaining a website is keeping it up-to-date. With Instaweb, you don't have to rely on a third party to update your website and put up with slow turnaround times and get charged for it. Simply update your Facebook Page and see immediate changes reflected at your website*.

  • Sync with Facebook
  • Sync with Instagram
  • Live Stream

SEO Friendly will help your brand get more attention by raising your rank in search engine results. Drive more traffic to your business and open virtual doors to more potential customers.

  • SSL Certificate
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Auto Meta-Data

Online Store

Kick start your online business with that is fully functional with online store capabilities. Equipped with a Payment Gateway by Billplz, your clients can make payment directly to your bank account.

  • Product Inventory
  • Generate Coupon
  • Sales Report

Your Own Brand

Start your website by using our list of templates that is suitable for your business. We have various range of template designs that sell.

  • Own Domain
  • Upload Logo & Favicon
  • Change design anytime

Easy Communication

Link your website with Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, or build your own form with our form builder. Never miss your customer inquiry.

  • Chat Apps
  • Form Builder

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Social Enterprise / NGO / Public Servant / Ecommerce Website + Payment Gateway

Online Shop (Product Catalog & Payment Gateway)

Domain & Free Domain Name (.COM, .NET, .ORG, ..)

Unlimited Pages

Many Design Options and change anytime

Script Installation (Fb Pixel and etc)

Mobile Responsive

Google analytics

Contact Forms

Google Maps

Unlimited Pages

Form Builder

Chat System

Access to Website Builder Platform

Maintenance & Support

Collaboration Partner